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The staff of Nepal Alpine Guides have organized and guided high elevation mountaineering and trekking expeditions for more more than two decades.  Our positive reputation in the industry is built upon a commitment to safety, our warm-hearted and talented staff, and a desire to give back to the communities through which we travel. 


We do not use the same itineraries as other companies, but prefer to craft our own itineraries that visit unique view points and destinations, include extra acclimatization and weather days, and provide homestay opportunities with the friends and family of our staff.  The result are trips that have the highest summit success rates of any operator in the country (many years it is 100%) and relationships with trip participants that last a lifetime.  The vast majority of our clients are repeat customers who return with friends and family to experience the majestic scenery of Nepal and meet friends from previous trips.  We at Nepal Alpine Guides have many things to be proud of, but what has allowed us to exist and will continue to sustain us are the relationships we have with people like you.

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