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We employ the most experienced and competent Himalayan guides in Nepal.  Our visiting guides from the United States ensure we meet international standards in the guiding industry.  Our company works with the NGO Karma Project to ensure our staff have the training, knowledge, skills, and equipment necessary to continue to be the best in the industry.

Karma Gelyjen Sherpa
Owner and Guide

Karma worked as a guide on 8,000 meter peaks for many years before starting Nepal Alpine Guides with the help of friends and former clients.  He has training through the Nepal Mountaineering Association and Nepal Mountaineering Instructors' Association.  He has worked on dozens of 6,000 meter peaks and notorious 8,000 meter peaks such as Cho Oyu, Manaslu, Dhaulagiri, and Everest.  He has also been a team member on high elevation rescues from 8,000 meter peaks such as Dhauligiri and Manaslu.  Karma's desire to provide a better life for his family and community is what led him to create Nepal Alpine Guides  Through the company he provides employment for dozens of community members who previously had few job opportunities or access to education and medical services. 

Glen Young
US Operations & Guide

Glen is our Director of US Operations.  He began his career in the outdoors in 1997, and has led expeditions on six continents with more than 2,000 field days.  Glen has been working in Nepal since 2008, and returns each year to lead climbs of technical peaks, remote high elevation treks, and provide training and mentorship to new guides.  Glen has served as a program director for Direct Experience International, Kaf Adventures, Yexplore Global Adventures, and Miyar Adventures. He holds certification through the American Mountain Guides Association, American Institute for Avalanche Research and Education, National Outdoor Leadership School, Wilderness Education Association, Wilderness Medical Institute, and other internationally recognized bodies.

Ang Phuti Sherpa
Company Manager and
Trekking Guide

Ang Phuti comes from Paiya, not far from the famous airstrip in Lukla.  Her attention to detail, patience, and kindness have made all the difference in our ability to fill trips and staff our programs.  As much at home in the mountains near her childhood home as on the streets of Kathmandu where she now lives, Ang Phuti serves as both our company manager and as a trekking guide.  

Mingma Sherpa

Mingma Sherpa has summited Everest nine times, making him one of the most sought-after high elevation guides in the world.  He has also guided on other 8,000 meter peaks of Nepal, such as Cho Oyu.  Mingma's guiding experience stretches back to 1998.  He has guided dozens of 6,000 meter peaks and high elevation treks, and continues to marvel at the beauty of Nepal's mountains every day.  Mingma is known for his incredible work ethic, physical strength, and warm heart.  Many of our treks visit his home village of Sibuje where his family cooks delicious daal bhat for us every time we stop to say hello.  

Dawa Sherpa

Dawa Sherpa was born in Sibuje Village near famous peaks like Nimbur and Kyashar.  Dawa's brothers and uncles were high elevation guides, and it didn't take long before Dawa decided he wanted to become a guide as well.  Dawa has been guiding since 2000, and has been on Mera Peak, Island Peak, and AmaDablam.  He has attended ice climbing training through the Khumbu Climbing School and received trekking guide training.

Ang Babu Sherpa
Trekking Guide
Chokkpi Sherpa

Chokkpi grew-up in the Eastern Everest Region where she trekked to and from school each day over some of the most rugged terrain on earth.  She watched her father return from expeditions on Everest each season, and decided to follow in his footsteps.  Chokkpi's unrelenting positivity combined with her amazing physical strength and good character make her a beloved companion on climbs of 6,000 meter peaks and high elevation treks throughout the Himalaya.

Pasang Sherpa
Ang Rita Sherpa

Pasang Sherpa is known for his strength, kindness, and sense of humor.  He has been working in the mountains of Nepal for more than two decades, having been on 8,000 meter peaks such as Everest as well as dozens of 6,000 meter peaks and treks.  Along with being an experienced guide, Pasang is an amazing traditional dancer.  You will frequently find him teaching young Sherpas how to do the "Sherpa Dance", and singing Sherpa folk songs.

Pema Angi Sherpa
Trekking Guide
Pasang Doma Sherpa
Assistant Guide
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