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AmaDablam and Island Peak Expedition

Elevation: 22,349 ft. (AmaDablam) 20,305 ft. (Island Peak)

Location: Everest Region

Difficulty: D+ (AmaDablam) PD+ (Island Peak)

Terrain: 5.8 rock (YDS), steep snow and ice up to 70 degrees

Perhaps the most famous technical climbing peak in the Himalayas, AmaDablam offers quality climbing on steep, exposed ridges with stunning views of 8,000 meter peaks in all directions.  We climb Island Peak first to acclimatize.

Kyajo Ri

Elevation: 20,295 ft.

Location: Everest Region (Khumbu)

Difficulty: D

Terrain: 5.8 rock (YDS), mixed rock and ice, steep snow and ice to 70 degrees

Kyajo Ri is well known to those living in the Western Everest Region of Nepal due to its prominence and forboding conical summit.  However, it is known to few climbers, which makes it the ideal peak for those looking to experience technical challenge on a beautiful mountain with little chance of seeing any other teams.

Cho Oyu

Elevation: 26,906 ft.

Location: Border of Tibet and Nepal

Difficulty: D

Terrain: Steep snow and ice up to 50 degrees

Cho Oyu is the 6th highest peak in the world, and is commonly the first 8,000 meter peak climbed by those interested in extremely high elevation climbing.  This is because it is not as steep or as prone to avalanche as other 8,000 meter peaks, making it the perfect peak to test ones high elevation abilities.  

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