Himalayan Alpine Climbing Course

Himalayan Alpine Climbing Course

This unique course brings international climbers and Nepalese mountain guides together to learn techniques and skills for climbing and guiding in the Himalayas.  Learn high altitude mountaineering, rock climbing, ice climbing, rescue, and wilderness medicine in the Nepalese Himalaya. 


This is a popular course and tends to fill-up quickly.  Reach out if you are interested in 2022 dates (see dates below).


After doing a gear check and orientation in Kathmandu, students will depart for the Eastern Everest Region by jeep.  Several days are spent trekking through the mountains before reaching Sibuje Village atop a ridge overlooking 7,000 meter peaks and the beautiful landscape of Makalu-Barun National Park.  In Sibuje we stay in the homes of Nepalese mountaineering students while learning rope work, rescue techniques, rock climbing movement skills, high altitude first aid, and a host of other skills before returning to Kathmandu by a different trekking route and a short flight.


Those students who are interested in climbing a 21,247 ft./6,476m glaciated peak may extend their stay an additional twelve days and continue up-valley from Sibuje to Mera Peak.  Not only will we climb the peak, but also practice ice climbing, crevasse rescue, and other snow skills on a high altitude glacier.  The additional cost for this is $1,530 USD ($3880 USD total for the course and climb).  Views from Mera Peak include five 8,000 meter peaks (Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, Makalu, and Kangchenjunga) along with hundreds of 6,000 meter peaks spread across the Nepalese Himalaya.


Nepalese students are provided a scholarship to attend this course due to financial need.  This is made possible through our relationship with the nonprofit Karma Project: www.karmaproject-nepal.org.


Category: Climbing: Beginner

Max Elevation: 11,250ft. course only.  21,247 ft. if also climbing Mera Peak

Location: Makalu-Barun Region, Nepal

Course Difficulty: F (easy) This is a French grading system for the technical difficulty of Mera Peak. In spite of its low technical difficulty, the climb of Mera Peak is still very physically demanding, and students must be aerobically fit.

Terrain: Vertical rock and 60 degree ice climbing during training.  Peak ascent includes 30 degree snow/ice with a short step of 60 degree ice.

Number of Days: 17 for the short climbing course.  29 for the longer course with the addition of a Mera Peak climb (including weather days)

Group Size: 5 to 12 (smaller parties may pay a higher price)

Cost:  $2350 for the 17 day climbing course (does not include Mera Peak).  $3880 for the 29 day course including Mera Peak.

Dates for short course: November 16 - December 2nd, 2022 (17 Days)

Dates for long course (with Mera Peak): November 16th - December 14th, 2022 (29 Days)

Deposit Amount: $800 USD (it is the same for either course)

NOTE:  Any payment made is non-refundable unless Nepal Alpine Guides cancels the course.  In extreme circumstances this may happen last-minute (such as for political unrest or the outbreak of a pathogen).  We never intend this to happen, and often have work-arounds